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Turkey Pot Pies

Ingredients & Directions

1 tb Butter
1 Bag frozen seasoning mix:
-onion; pepper, celery (or
1 lg Bag mixed vegetables; (or
1 cn Campbells new “Chicken with
-Herbs” soup
1 pk McCormack’s White Sauce mix;
-(or 1 cup home made)
1 cn Chicken broth
3 c Bite size cooked turkey;
-(could use chicken too)
1 c Milk
2 cn Whole new potatoes chunk
-into bite size pieces; (or
-fresh parboiled)
2 Frozen “Deep Dish” size pie
-pastry; (or home made)
1 Egg beaten
Ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 400 Melt butter in large frying pan. Saute onion, celery,
peppers until translucent. Add white sauce mix and milk. Add frozen
vegetables and simmer gently till unfrozen. Add new potatoes, chunked into
bite size pieces. Add chicken soup and broth. Add turkey and simmer till
heated through. Season with ground black pepper to taste. *Note: liquid
portion should not be too runny..add a little flour to thicken slightly if
it is. Ladle half of turkey filling mix into each pie bottom. Cover with
top crust and brush with beaten egg. Bake until crusts are golden brown.
Let pies rest on a rack until they cool a little for easier serving.

1 Servings

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