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Fudge-as You Like It

Ingredients & Directions

2 c Brown sugar
3/4 c Evaporated milk
3/4 c Butter
16 Marshmallows (about 2 cups)
1 ts Vanilla
1 1/2 c Chocolate, peanut butter, or
-butterscotch chips
3/4 c Nuts – chopped (optional)

Combine brown sugar, evaporated milk and butter in an 8 cup Pyrex measuring
cup; mix well. Microwave uncovered on High for 10 minutes, stirring at
halftime. Stir in marshmallows and chips until melted. Add vanilla (and
nuts) and beat until smooth. Spread evenly in a buttered 8″ square pan.
Refrigerate. Cut in squares. Yield: Approx. 25 pieces.

1 Servings

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