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Multigrain-sunflower Bread~ (abm)

Ingredients & Directions

1 pk Active dry yeast
1 1/2 c Bread flour
1 1/2 c Whole-wheat flour
2/3 c Oat flour
1/2 c Cornmeal
1/2 c Unprocessed bran
1 ts Salt
1/3 c Sunflower seeds
2 tb Chopped walnuts
2 tb Poppy seeds
2 tb Caraway seeds (optional)
1 c Warm water
1/3 c Warm milk
1 1/2 tb Vegetable oil
4 tb Honey
1/4 c Egg substitute

Place all dry ingredients in the order listed into the bread machine.
Then pour in the liquids. (Hint: Measuring the oil before the honey
helps the honey slide right off the measuring spoon.) Select basic
bread setting and press start.

Yields: 1 loaf/10 slices.

Per serving: 271 calories, 7.4g fat (24% of calories), 5g dietary
fiber, 8.7g protein, 45.6g carbohydrates, no cholesterol, 231mg

1 servings

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