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Gingerbread People Cookies

Ingredients & Directions

3 c AM Whole Wheat Flour
1 ts Non-alum baking soda
2 ts Ground ginger
1/2 ts Allspice
1/2 c Butter
1/2 c Honey
1/4 c Molasses (pref. blackstrap)
1 Egg or egg substitute

Mix flour, baking soda and spices in medium sized bowl. In large
bowl, blend butter, honey and molasses together. Beat in egg.
Gently mix in dry ingredients thoroughly. Wrap dough in plastic wrap
or waxed paper and refrigerate until firm (approx. 1 hour). Preheat
oven to 350 F. Divide dough into 4 pieces. Roll each piece out on
lightly floured surface. Cut into desired shapes and place carefully
on oiled or buttered cookie sheet. Bake in middle of oven for 6-10
minutes, depending on size of cookies. Remove from sheet carefully.

1 batch

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