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Curry N' Chutney Cheese Tart

Ingredients & Directions

2 pk Cream cheese (8oz each) 8 oz Cheddar cheese; shredded
2 ts Curry powder 4 Scallions; thinly sliced
2 tb Sherry (optional) 9 oz Jar of chutney

Place unwrapped packages of cream cheese in a 2-quart
glass measure. Microwave on medium (50 percent) 2 1/2
minutes. Blend in curry powder and sherry. Fold in Cheddar
and 3/4 of onion; mix well.

Spoon mixture onto serving platter in an 8-inch circle. Use a spatula
to form a tart shape, building up sides while indenting the top
surface area to form a “well.”

Place chutney in blender and puree to uniform mixture. Pour in “well”
area of cheese tart. Chill until firm. To serve, garnish top with
remaining onion.

Accompany with orackers.

Nutritional analysis per serving with crackers: 121 calories, 9 grams
fat, 4 grams carbohydrates. 31 milligrams cholesterol. 196 milligrams
sodium, 69 percent of calories from fat.

** Fort Worth Star Telegram — Food section — 29 November 1995 **

24 servings

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