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German Beef Tartar – Schlemmerschnitte

Ingredients & Directions

4 oz Beef filet; or other lean 1 pn Each: salt, pepper, paprika
-steak, scraped not ground -and Worcestershire sauce
1 Egg yolk 1 sl Toast; buttered, crusts
1 ts Olive oil -removed
1 ts Ketchup 1/2 oz Fresh caviar
1 Anchovy; chopped 1 tb Onion; minced
5 Capers; chopped 1 Gherkin pickle; sliced

Mix beef, egg yolk, oil and seasonings. Spread on buttered toast and
top with caviar. Serve with minced onion on the side along with a
sliced gherkin and an ice-cold shot of vodka or Schnaps.

1 servings

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