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Ingredients & Directions

3 c Sugar
1/2 c Milk
1/4 c Cocoa powder
1 ts Vanilla

If I remember the recipe, it’s basically sugar, milk, and cocoa powder.
Stir over low heat until everything dissolves, then allow to cook slowly
with minimal heat until it reaches the soft-ball stage (when a bit is
dropped in cold water, it makes a soft, slightly chewy, ball). Allow to
cool a bit, then quickly add vanilla (or vanilla with some other
complementary flavor; cherry works well), and beat rapidly and quickly turn
onto a buttered plate. Warning: it gets stiff *FAST* when you add the
vanilla and beat. Once it starts to thicken up, get it out of the pan as
quickly as possible. Allow to cool, cut into small pieces, and distribute
to friends before you get sick of it.

Oh yes, do this on a bright, sunny, high-pressure low-humidity day only.
Otherwise it will crystallize wrong and come out grainy.

* From the Polka Dot Cottage, 1-201-822-3627, NJ’s BBS for Homemakers!

1 Servings

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