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Mini Meat Pies

Ingredients & Directions

1/2 lb Ground beef [lean]
2 x Eggs [hard cooked & finely
1/4 c BORDEN Sour Cream
1 tb Parsley [chopped]
1 ts Beef bouillon (WYLERS or
1 pk (11oz) Pie crust mix

(Pre-heat oven to 400?)

1) In a med. bowl, combine all of the ingredients except the pie
crust mix; Mix well… 2) Prepare the pie crust mix as package
directs, and divide dough in half. Then on a floured surface, roll
out ? the dough to 10″ x 13″ rectangle, 1/8″ thick; then cut into 20
2?” squares. Spoon 1 heaping teaspoon of meat mixture into center of
each square and fold as desired… 3)
Repeat step # 2) with the remaining dough and meat mixture… 4)
Place all of the pies on an ungreased cookie sheet 1″ apart and bake
12 to 15 min. or `til lightly browned… 5) Serve hot and refrigerate
the leftovers…

40 Appetizers

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