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Green Mountain Pie

Ingredients & Directions


1 3/4 c Macaroon crumbs; soft
– about 7, 2″ cookies
1/4 c Butter flavor Crisco; melted

2 pt Lime sherbet; softened
1 qt Vanilla ice cream; softened
1 1/2 c Macaroon crumbs; soft

CRUST: Pregeat oven to 350~. Lightly grease 9″ pie palte. Combine 1-3/4
crumbs and melted butter flavor Crisco. Press into greased pie plate.
FILLING: Spread 1 pint lime sherbet in cooled crust. Freeze about 1 hour
until firm. Combine ice cream and 1-1/2 cup macaroon crumbs. Spread vevnly
over sherbet. Freeze about 1 hour until firm. Spread remaining sherbet over
ice cream. Freeze several hours. Remove from freezer 10-15 minutes before


8 Servings

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