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Apricot Custard Tart

Ingredients & Directions

250 g Organic flour; (8oz)
150 g Organic sugar; (5oz)
125 g Organic butter; cold, diced
3 md Size organic egg yolks
2 tb Organic milk

2 md Size organic eggs
3 md Size organic egg yolks
50 g Organic sugar; (2oz)
300 ml Organic milk; ( 1/2 pint)
300 ml Organic double cream; ( 1/2
100 g Organic dried apricots;
-roughly chopped (3
; 1/2oz)

Preheat the oven to 200 C, 400 F, Gas Mark 6.

Place the flour, sugar and butter into a mixing bowl and mix until the
ingredients resemble breadcrumbs then add the egg yolks and milk and
mix to a soft paste.

Roll out the pastry to line a 23cm (9inch) loose based flan ring.
Chill the pastry case until firm; 10 minutes in the freezer or 1 hour
in the refrigerator, whilst making the filling.

Place the eggs into a mixng bowl with the sugar and mix well, add the
milk and cream. Pass the mixture through a sieve and then add the

Bake the pastry case blind; place a disc of greaseproof paper into
the base of the case and fill with baking beans. Bake the case for
8-10 minutes, remove the beans and bake for a further 2 minutes,
until the pastry is golden.

Pour the custard mixture into the flan case, reduce the oven
temperature to 180 C, 350 F, Gas Mark 4 and bake until the custard is
set, this will take approximately 25 minutes.

Remove the tart from the oven and stand for 30 minutes before serving.

1 servings

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