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Torte Anniversary Birthday Cake

Choco-nut Tortoni

Ingredients & Directions

1 ea Egg white 1 t Vanilla extract
2 T Granuluted sugar pieces 1/2 c Semisweet-chocolate
1 c Heavy cream, whipped 1 t Shortening
2 T Granulated sugar 1/4 cup Chopped toasted almonds
-canned finely

Afternoon before: Turn temperature control of refrigerator to coldest
setting. Beat egg white until quite stiff; gradually add 2 tablesp.
sugar, beating until stiff. Combine cream, 2 tablesp. sugar, vanilla;
fold into beaten egg white. Turn into freezing tray- freeze until
frozen 1/2″ in from sides of tray. Melt chocolate with shortening
over hot, not boiling, water. Turn frozen mixture into chilled bowl-
stir until smooth but not melted; quickly fold in melted chocolate,
then almonds. Turn into 8 2-oz. paper cups; freeze until just firm.
Then reset temperature control. Makes 8 servings.

8 servings

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