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Guadalupe River Pie

Ingredients & Directions

1 c Flour 1 sm Instant vanilla pudding
1 Stick of butter 1 sm Instant chocolate pudding
1 c Cut pecans 2 c Milk
8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese 1 ts Vanilla
1 c Powdered sugar Cool Whip
1 c Cool Whip Hershey Bar

In a 13 x 9 inch dish, mix flour, butter, and pecans. Bake and let
cool–making the crust. Mix together cream cheese, powdered sugar, 1
cup of Cool Whip; spread over the crust. The mix instant puddings,
milk and vanilla; spread over cheese layer. Next, spread Cool Whip
over the pudding layer. Grate candy bar over the Cool Whip. Chill
until ready to serve. Randy Rigg

3 servings

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