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Chicken A' La Tartare

Ingredients & Directions

1 Broiler 2 Scallions or 1 small onion
1/4 lb Butter, melted 1/4 lb Mushrooms
4 Sprigs parsley 1/4 Clove garlic

The recipe reads; “Singe and draw the chickens; let them swell a
little before the fire; cut in half and break the bones slightly;
soak them in fresh butter melted, into which put a seasoning of
parsley, skelion, mushrooms and the smallest shred of garlic, well
chopped together with pepper and salt. Let the chicken steep in the
butter for a little while, then grate bread crumbs over them and
broil over a slow fire. Serve them dry or with a clear gravy.

Since our fire is a gas one our procedure was slightly different from
that of Mme. de Genlis.

Salt and pepper Bread Crumbs

The broiler, which has been singed, cleaned and split, was put into an
aluminum frying pan in which the butter had been melted. The parsley,
onion, mushrooms and garlic were chopped and added to the butter with
a seasoning of salt and pepper. The frying pan was covered and the
broiler was allowed to simmer gently for about fifteen minutes, being
turned occasionally, so that it would absorb the flavor of the
seasonings. Then it was rolled in grated bread crumbs and broiled
until well browned. The chicken meat is delicately flavored with the
mushroom-garlic-onion-parsley combination and should tempt the
appetite of the most critical. The pre-cooking in the butter sauce
also prevents any “underdoneness” of the broiler.

6 servings

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