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Anita's Italian Herb Bread Abm

Ingredients & Directions

1/2 tb Yeast
2 c Flour, bread
1 ts Salt
2 ts Sugar
1/4 ts Basil leaves
1/4 ts Oregano leaves
3 tb Buttermilk, powdered
1 1/2 oz Cheese, Parmesan, grated
1 tb Oil
7/8 c Water

Bring bread ingredients to room temperature and pour into bakery, in order.
Set “baking control” at 10 o’clock. Select “white bread” and push Start.

For best results, use the finest and freshest ingredients available. That
is especially true for this particular recipe.
Lois’ sister Anita, who loves Italian food, will tell you that this
fabulous bread is well worth the trip to your nearest Italian market or
deli to purchase a chunk of imported Parmesan.
You’ll be disappointed with anything less, once you’ve tried it.

Tested in DAK R2D2. Sylvia’s comments:

1 Servings

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