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Trellis Pumpkin Pie

Ingredients & Directions

355 g Petha or red pumpkin
1 120 gram sho crusty pastry

3 Eggs
150 g Brown sugar
3/4 ts Cinnamon powder; (4 g.)
1/2 ts Clove powder; (2 g.)
1/2 c Single cream; (120 ml.)
1/2 c Milk; (120 ml.)

1 ts Custard powder; (5 g.)
4 ts Sugar; (20 g.)
6 tb Milk; (90 ml.)

30 ml Mango pulp; (canned)
2 ts Cream; (10 ml.)

2 tb Apricot jelly; (or jam) (30

4 Sprigs mint leaves

PEEL and deseed the pumpkin. Grate 225 g. of the pumpkin and cut the rest
into 16 batons, four cm. in length. Steam the grated pumpkin until soft (or
for about six minutes). Drain the excess liquid, divide into four equal
portions and keep aside. Steam the batons separately until soft (for about
10 minutes) and reserve for garnishing.

The custard: Whisk the eggs and sugar in a clean bowl. Add the spices and
stir well. Pour in the cream and milk, mix well and pass the mixture
through a fine mesh strainer. Keep aside.

The short crust pastry: Dust the work surface with flour, roll out the
pastry into a 1/4 cm. thick rectangle. Then cut out four discs, 2.5 cm. in
diameter. Make a lattice by cutting the remaining pastry into 1/2 cm. wide
strips. Place a disc in each of the four individual pie moulds (eight cm.
in diameter) and spread a portion of the grated pumpkin in it. Pour equal
quantities of the custard on top, cover with lattice, arrange in a baking
tray and reserve for five minutes. Preheat the oven to 350oF.

The vanilla sauce: Make a slurry (thin liquid) of custard powder with two
tsp. (10 ml.) water and keep aside. Put sugar and milk in a saucepan. Bring
to a boil, lower the heat and add the custard powder mixture. Simmer,
stirring constantly, until homogenous for about two minutes). Remove and

The coulis: Put mango pulp in a bowl. Stir-in the cream and keep aside.

To prepare the apricot glaze: Put the jelly in a pan, add two tsp. (10 ml.)
water and stir well. Bring to a boil just before serving. Put the tray in
the preheated oven and bake until the surface is golden (or for about 20
minutes). Remove, demould on to a cooling rack and brush with the apricot
glaze while both are hot.

To serve: Place a pie on each of the four individual dessert plates. Spread
the sauce over and the coulis around it, garnish with pumpkin batons and
mint sprigs. Serve warm.

1 servings

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