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Yeast Starter Mix

Ingredients & Directions

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In a quart jar, mix 14 C. sweet milk and 14 C. cold water, add 12
C. sugar and 12 C. flour. Put in warm place and stir once in
awhile. In two days add 1 T. flour. Let stand nine days. Before
using to bake the next day, add a little cold water and stir well. At
bedtime, pour into a crock or pan. Use only a quart of water the
first time. Mix to make a batter, cover and let stand until morning.
Take out 3 or 4 tablespoons, place in a jar and add about 1 C. sugar,
more if you want sweeter bread. Set this away for the next time,
keeping in a cool place. To the rest of the sponge, add salt. Be
sure you take the starter out before adding the salt! Now proceed as
with any bread. If this is used at least twice a week, to keep the
starter fresh and alive, this works fine.

1 servings

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