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Settler's Gingerbread

Ingredients & Directions


Take three pounds of flour, one and a half pound of brown sugar; one
pound of butter, six eggs, two tbsp ginger, and a tbsp of salt. Bake
on tin sheets rolled very thin. COMMON GINGERBREAD: Treacle1-1/2 lb,
seconds flour 2 lb; butter 2 oz, ginger 1 oz, spices 2 oz, of pearl
ash one dessert spoonful; mix with milk warmed, into a dough, let it
stand till it rises, bake on tins, and cut in squares. GINGER
CUP-CAKE: Five eggs, two large cups of molasses; the same of rolled
soft-sugar; two ditto butter; one cup of new milk; five cups of
flour; half a cup of ground ginger; a small teaspoonful of pearl ash,
dissolved in vinegar or cider. Cut up the butter in the milk, warm so
as to melt; also warm the molasses, stir it into the milk and butter;
stir in the sugar; let it cool. Beat the eggs light; stir in
alternately with the flour; add the ginger and other spices, with the
pearl-ash; stir the mass well; butter tins to bake it in. GINGER
BREAD: To a pint of molasses, add half cup butter, three eggs, half
cup sour-milk, one teaspoonful salaratus (soda), one ditto cream of
tartar, two cups flour, two table-spoonfuls of ginger. Origin: The
Canadian Settler’s Guide, written in 1855 Shared by: Sharon Stevens.
++_ End Stevens Recipe ++-

1 servings

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