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Girl Scout Mississippi Mud Pie

Ingredients & Directions

1 1/2 c Cold half and half,
-or light cream
1 pk Vanilla instant pudding
1 tb Instant coffee
3 1/2 c Whipped topping
1 pk Juliettes Girl Scout cookies
3 tb Margarine, melted
Fudge sauce

Pour half and half into large bowl. Add pudding mix and coffee. Beat with
wire whisk until well blended, about 1 minute. Let stand 5 minutes. Fold in
whipped topping.

In blender or food processor, chop Juliettes, add margarine and press into
pie pan. Spoon filling over crust and freeze until firm, about
6 hours or overnight.

Remove from freezer and let stand 10 minutes to soften before serving. Top
with fudge sauce. Store leftover pie in freezer.

TULSA WORLD, March 13, 1996

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